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Painting of a tree with books hanging from it.

This is my old-fashioned, static wepage that I've maintained in some form or another for over twenty years. In an act of sheer laziness, I tend to put newer content on my blog, but I maintain this site as an archive, and as a place to stash things I can't find anywhere else to publish.

My older homilies and Op-Eds are here, as is an archive of the e-mail forwards from the very early days of the Internet. I initially created that archive as a way to get older relatives to stop sending e-mail forwards (which, at the time, had countless >>>> before each line). Now I keep it around as a little glimpse of Internet history.

There's really not much else to see. I took down the genealogy information to help reduce the likelihood of it being used for identity theft, but I'm happy to share my Villines or Travis genealogy research with anyone who is seeking it.

You can also use the contact form linked under "About" if you want to reach me directly.